More than Rest – performance lecture (Privatgesellschaft)

Copyright Wagner Carvalho
foto: wagner carvalho


Radical physical unavailability in anything »entertainment« is the stand to take considering Germany’s stakkato of impositions and structural abuse of the Black female* performer (read: body).

In 2013, Noah Sow consequently transformed and transferred her performance from theatre and afro-punk via aspie-loop-chanson to electronic live griotages held in absence. Her manifesto „hope, yo mama“ ([/“there’s more than hope“]) was read at a theatre in Berlin, griotages followed, and Noah Sow hopes to inspire other artists to seek for speaking positions that interrupt the European sense of entitlement to immediate and physical access to their bodies. Being unavailable is an affront to ’normality‘, the Black female* artist’s physical withdrawal considered an uppity act of aggression.


However, being physically absent while performing happens to simultaneously be a pleasant and empowering experience while on the Spectrum. Augmented mindfulness in the spectators‘ room included, the work itself turns out to deliver a much better projecting screen than the body. Video , audio, production , poetry, live performance.


Restrooms Vimeo



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