Paperback »Deutscher Humor« / »German Humour«



Noah Sow, Juli 2015, Paperback, 100 pages
deutsch: ISBN 978-3-7386-1973-7
English: ISBN 978-3-7386-2046-7

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German Humour


An outstanding anthology which features the milestones of typically German humour.
Meticulously researched and thoroughly compiled with particular emphasis on traditional German humour, also featuring contemporary German comedians’ best punchlines.
A must-have for all devotees and critics of Germany.


Spoiler Alert: It’s a blank book.




  • – great gift for your German co-workers
  • – “read it” ostentatiously on the train
  • – use it to prepare for your visit to Germany




“Finally! The best German laugh I’ve ever had!”
Christiane Schmitt, Intersectional Times

„Funnier than Angela!“
Fatima Weyta, Neuer Curyar

„This book is thoroughly researched and meticulously compiled.“
Jermaine Debris, Germanistischer Ehrenrat A.D.


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