Human Rights

– Noah Sow volunteers for numerous community projects.


– She speaks, teaches, publishes and consults in the matter of equality work economics and practice.


– In 2001, she founded der braune mob e.V., Germany’s first Black media watch.


– Her book »Deutschland Schwarz Weiß« (2008, C. Bertelsmann, Random House) has become the most popular standard text in the discussion and education about structural racism in Germany.


– Her keynote and transcript “Schwarze Wissensproduktion als angeeignete Profilierungsressource” (“The appropriation of Black Knowledge Production for Nonblack academical careers”) were published in the Guernica Society Yearbook: Band 017, Anna Greve (Hg.) Neue postkoloniale Analysen, V&R unipress, Göttingen, 2015 ISBN 978-3-8471-0526-8


– In 2009/10, Noah Sow was a member of the Intercultural Council Germany.