Act of Wellness

“For Black women choosing ‘wellness’ is an act of political resistance” (bell hooks, 1993)




– conceptual short film (photo film) “Act of Wellness”


  -> Watch short film on Vimeo as screened at: QTIBPoC Festival Berlin 2015, 48h Neukölln art festival Berlin 2014, Community Talk 2015, and several artist talks

4 women* with 4 disposable cameras each commit an act of wellness.


“Act of Wellness” renegotiates temporality, but does so as a collective experience of Women* of Color: being arranged in space and historiography, arranging oneself in a presence in which our lives are heavily affected by the effects of historical violence, and, through breaking historical patterns, shaping our personal and collective future.


Form: Kalimba-Interludes play variations inspired by “I’m every woman”. No photo editing, no staging, no script.

– art and storytelling installation “Wall of Wellness”









Endorphina @ art festival „48h Neukölln“, Berlin 2014

– community talk, Berlin, 2014



– song „well well well“: