I decided to go for purity, excitement and awesomeness.
It’s pretty radical so it’s perfect for me.

Sweet development:

NOISEAUX just turned into a duo for the tour through Europe!

– St.Eve on Drums
– me on the rest!

It’s pretty radical so it’s perfect for me.

When St.Eve and I met at a session in Berlin a few weeks ago, I got inspired as f*** ! The things we can do with a drumkit and some electronica… I love when good things come together. For the last summer, I’ve been experimenting more and more with electronic music (inspired by Kele Okereke) but it wasn’t quite getting to the point of spectacular awesomeness. After that, I started to rehearse for the tour with the collective, and realised that something was missing. I found it in St.Eve!

This is actually the first time I’m a band with somebody with an experience similar to mine. NOISEAUX‘ music has already developed dramatically in these couple of weeks. There’s more space for nuances now. It’s another genre really. We’ll start to record the album right after we get back from the European tour with 24-7 Spyz.

On this tour, you’ll get something you probably haven’t seen or heard before . Be prepared for some surprises.

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