Neue Veröffentlichung heute!
Release of remix EP of the first NOISEAUX single “Stillstand”/”cessation”!

Gotta hear this.

HipHop from Senegal in Wolof and French, asian UK Dancefloor, swiss Beatmonster, Atlanta Avantgarde and a post-Tokio Hotel-Metalhead who’s being held in a cage …

Pre-listen and read all about the mixes, mixers and miscellaneous mysterious mischief HERE

Or get the EP on ITUNES, AMAZON or any other online download platform.

If you’re a DJ and wanna spin one of the remixes, JA! Get back with some info to get the free DJ EP at:

Remix wizards were DJ Pinju (Bombayboogie!), Africulturban and Senegal HipHop Royalty “Matador”, Mirko-Kosmos (宇宙 whoa!!!), our homies Minneapolis dark pop dream Dearling Physique and metalhead Grizzly.

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