Look what I got you: The Writer Emergency Pack!


© Writer Emergency Pack Card Deck


Since last year’s NaNoWriMo I’ve been eyeing the WRITER EMERGENCY PACK. It looked like just the perfect tool to calm beginning fiction writers’ nerves, providing an emergency exit or fix for stuck situations.


The card deck was funded by a kickstarter crowd and produced by John August.


Unfortunately it sells for over 70 f%$#?¿§! € on Amazon Germany. Ordering a card deck or two from the USA would create 15€ shipping costs alone, and take quite a while to arrive, plus Einfuhrumsatzsteuer at the customs. Meh. That’s why I’ve been eyeing instead of buying for over a year.
Long story short, Nanowrimo 2016 is rapidly approoaching and so are plotholes in stories and writers’ nerves waiting to be soothed with booze creativity boosters like this one.


I ordered a sixpack, it safely arrived in Hamburg, and you can buy one via my label if you’re located in Germany and fast enough: VIEW SHOP HERE.


Please note that the card decks are sealed wrapped, so please don’t get them “just to take a look” and then send them back. Technically this would be legal, but personally: sucky. Plus, if you do this, I’ll never impurt bulk-ish awesomeness for y’all again :-)


The deck is a veritable artwork much more than it is ‘just a game/tutorial’, and it sits with my art books. I think its value is justified (otherwise I wouldn’t have bought them).

Now go grab this year’s holiday or NaNoWriMo gift for yourself or the beloved writer in your life.



Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this product, just reselling a handful. All rights reserved by the copyright holders, none by me.


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  • Hi there Noah,

    gib es noch ein Deck das über ist? Ich würds dir gernst abkaufen, amazon will gerade 80€ dafür o.O

    18. September 2018 at 06:30

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