Berlin, July 7: „Out of Control“ Artist Presentation and Exchange



xart splitta
Hasenheide 73, 10967 Berlin
5-8 pm

(Links im Menü das Fähnchen klicken, um den Beitrag auf Deutsch zu lesen.)

This event is open for Black People and PoC.


I’ll be presenting some of my (audio-)visual art. It mostly deals with decolonisation, pop, empowerment, resilience, the gaze(tm), Black art and media. For a glimpse, visit . I like to produce in layers to let people from the diasporas choose their own preferred approach or connection.


After the talk we’ll have an exchange for Black People and PoC involved in the arts.

For this exchange (only the exchange), registration will be necessary. Deadline to register is June 30, 2016. Find info below in the links.

The event is free of charge.

It will be held in German language, but the organizers can arrange for whisper translation into English, if you contact them. Find info below in the links.


About the series:

What exactly does decolonisation in art mean? How can art be perceived as a medium through and with which processes of decolonisation are initiated? This is important for producers as well as recipients of art, who thus may be encouraged to develop new perspectives.

What role do own artistic and cultural interventions of Black artist and artists of Colour play in analysing cultures of remembrance in Germany and Europe – especially while coming to terms with and overcoming the traumata connected to these? What significance do artistic interventions nowadays have for societal self-perception and political activism? The existences of colonial continuities is again very visible nowadays and reminds us how important any form of anti-colonial anti-racist resistance remains.
It is these questions we would like to explore in this series. With the help of several different events we will approach these topics theoretically as well as performatively.


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