Community is not a Colour

Community is not a Colour
It is an ongoing practice and attitude
It is weaving the past into the future by means of the present
When strands are missing, it won’t come out right
When strands are forgotten, the pattern is wrong
When strands are cut off, the fabric will tear apart
This is not the place to build yourself a monument
This is the place to dream up the future
This is the place for you to celebrate yourself and each other
With sincerety
Recognize a Memorial when you see it
Be inclusive
Community is Colour
We decorate the walls in earth
Cultivate our green
Grief and acknowledge in blue
Keep our sun shining


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  • Wunderschön und wahr! Von wem ist dieser Text?

    26. Februar 2015 at 14:42
  • Wunderschön und wahr! Von wem ist dieser Text? Ich gebe hiermit zu, dass ich die Frage schon einmal gestellt hatte, da war aber meine Website Adresse aus Versehen falsch angegeben. Daher nun erneut. Ich hoffe, das ist ok.

    26. Februar 2015 at 14:44

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