Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Zadie Smith – together! In this Podcast on writing – – Resources for Black writers of fiction



Talking about their image of women, what they consider good and bad writing, what they like to write about and how they go about it … VERY inspiring.



Check out my mission:


– For a couple of weeks now I’ve been posting about writing fiction. To be precise: about commiting to learn and practice writing fiction.


I want to especially encourage diverse writers with intersectional lives to write fiction, so that one day people like us can find books that actually have us in mind as readers, not as mysterious ‚others‘, puzzling creatures or existing only to make a friggin didactic point.


My search for teaching/learning material on writing fiction has been long, shallow and disillusioning. Conclusion: turning to the ‚classics‘ means putting oneself through random out-of-the-blue racist and/or sexist content. A lot like Germany’s educational system.


My learning curve from this was: I have to dig deeper and put more effort into searching suitable educational material. Currently reading Samuel R. Delany „About Writing“ and Walter Mosley „This year you write your novel“.


I already recommended Lisa Cron’s ‚wired for story‘ for its neuroscientific approach (also learned much about neurotypical functionality from the book), also for its wit and humour. I got quite something out of it. Don’t ask me why I wrote a German review of a book available only in English…  (idk!!)


If you know one of the mentioned books and/or can recommend a writing resource and share your opinion from a womanist/QTIBlack perspective, please comment.


I’ll participate for the first time in this year’s Nanowrimo, minus the name, had to renamed it to: „No Alibi! Novel Writing Month. If you participate as well, please leave a link to your author profile or share how you’re doing!




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