Berlin, 30th September 2018: Community Relax- & Empowerment Session

Class for Women* & – Nonbinary who are Black / Asian / Rrom_nja / IndígenX*


We need to compensate a lot in daily life. This class presents relaxing rituals which can be helpful to overcome day-to-day life challenges, hardships and struggles.


‘Sportiness’ / ‘Fitness’ is not necessary for this class! ♥ The exercises will be performed while sitting or laying down. Mostly breathing exercises and guided meditation.


When: Sunday, 30th of September 2018, 8am (1.5 hours)

Where: xart splitta e.V., Hasenheide 73, 10967 Berlin


Costs: Give what you can/like/want. Apart from that we welcome fruit / nuts / sunshine / giftcards / dancing / singing / smiling – as you wish and feel like.


Language: The class will take place in English spoken language.


Registration: Please inform us if you are coming. If you do so it will be easier for us to organize the right amount of yoga mats. If you did not make it to register you can join anyway… But please on time! Joining in late is not possible. To register, send an email to: rajanayagam{at}xartsplitta{dot}net


For whom: This class is for Women & Nonbinary who are Black / Asian / Rrom_nja / IndígenX* 


More Info and FAQ:


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