Afrodeutsche History in New Karasek Book Release

Update, March 20:
Archive, articles, pictures and research from US-american perspective:
„The Civil Rights Struggle, African American GIs, and Germany“


The post before this one is about a book release in German(y). The story is important to me though, so I’ll try to tell you the short version in English:

The book by publishers Hellmuth Karasek and teNeues features important and historical letters and includes a letter from Rosemarie Peña to me.
Rosemarie was one of the afrodeutsche babies who had been given up for adoption into other countries after pressure from Germany shortly after (!) WWII. Read up:

In Germany, the subject it is being widely ignored by the majority. Not many people know about these historical facts. This is one of the reasons I appreciate this release – another reason being that I get to share a release with Rosemarie ♥. Here is the excerpt from the book as PDF download (4mb).
Thank you, Rose, for teaching me such important things about our history.
It is BHM after all (-:

Pictures added Feb. 23:


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