Afro-German History in New Karasek Book Release

Update, March 20:
Archive, articles, pictures and research from US-american perspective:
„The Civil Rights Struggle, African American GIs, and Germany“


The post before this one is about a book release in German(y). The story is important to me though, so I’ll try to tell you the short version in English:

The book by publishers Hellmuth Karasek and teNeues features important and historical letters and includes a letter from Rosemarie Peña to me.
Rosemarie was one of the afro-german babies who had been given up for adoption into other countries after pressure from Germany shortly after (!) WWII. Read up:

In Germany, the subject it is being widely ignored by the majority. Not many people know about these historical facts. This is one of the reasons I appreciate this release – another reason being that I get to share a release with Rosemarie ♥.
Thank you, Rose, for teaching me such important things about our history.
It is BHM after all (-:

Pictures added Feb. 23:


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