The end (book non grata direct recycling)

2. November 2013 - 2 Comments

I like reading books. And I have been conditioned to never throw away a book, regardless of its content. I’ve always wondered what to do with the books that I found so annoying or disturbing that I didn’t want to keep them but didn’t want to pass on to somebody else either. Throughout the years, I never found a satisfying solution to my unloved-books-dilemma. Some I did throw away, with a pinch of guilt. Some I let take up space in a closet, until the day I would come up with some actual use for my books non grata. That day is now.

I am sharing my results online, hoping to receive your similar and creative, interesting and content-related ends of books.

Share your own book-meets-end pictures here or on , and on , bring them on!

(ps: burning a book is out of the question of course. we’re talking Germany here.)

(pps: please do not confuse display with intended use)


© noah sow 2013

© noah sow 2013

© noah sow 2013

© noah sow 2013

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© noah sow 2013


Credo: Turning a book into a work of art is a form of direct recycling.
What to do with a book that I hated reading. If I’ll categorically never throw a book away, don’t want to keep the book, but also don’t even want it out there? Plus, all the  unresolved emotions? THE END is the solution.


(displayed books: “how to win friends and influence people”, “simplify your life”, “learning to forgive”)




new, dec. 15,2013:

two ‘answers’ submitted! very awesome! Check them out!:



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